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The Bone Orchard

Will you know who you are when you die, or will death have to tell you?


The Bone Orchard

by Steven & Whitney Boe

RELEASE DATE: Winter 2012 A noble king accepts the invitation of a sorcerer, finds himself in a spectral burial ground full of macabre magic, and learns the secret of the universe through a series of mythic challenges. A uniquely beautiful adaptation of an ancient myth where a noble king is charged with the grim task of delivering a corpse to a mysterious sorcerer.  Along the way his is challenged with a series of riddles and the answers themselves will determine whether the king will live or die. This photo graphic novel includes original puppets created and designed by the incredible Brian & Wendy Froud (Labyrinth, Dark Crystal) THE BONE ORCHARD is a visual feast for the eyes and winner Best Overall Animation & Best Fantasy Animation at DragonCon.      


As the hallow of the evening deepened, time seemed to altogether stop; or rather, the circular motion of the clock swept past this place leaving it untouched. The King’s head hung low, diminishing his regalness with a sort of apathetic weight. Thoughts and concerns languished in the chill as a new snow began to fall. This was not how a King should end. This was not a heroic deed, a great battle, a quest for honor; no, this was a feeble denouement fit for a man of lesser character. And as he looked into the mirror of his life he could only see the “almost”, the “could have been” and the shameful regrets of each chapter ending with no resolution. Now the ends of time frayed loosely, teasing out the last bit of hope. No… this was no way for a King to end.