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Ugly On The Inside

Rayanne wants Della to find true love, even if she has to kill to do it.


Ugly On The Inside

by Steven & Whitney Boe


RELEASE DATE: Winter 2012

Della has always dreamed of the perfect life: a springtime wedding in Vegas, a litter of kids running around the trailer, and a husband…any husband.  Her best friend, Rayanne, only wants the best for Della but she has a habit of “accidentally” murdering Della’s fiancés.  While trying to bury the latest groom the two women discover it’s hard to keep a bad man down.



They say the red rocks of the Nevada desert were created millions of years ago by rich deposits of Iron Oxide, when two of the Earth’s great plates collided, pushing the rich minerals to the surface, covering the land in a sea of deep crimson.  But Priscilla knows the truth.  She knows that the wastelands outside Las Vegas don’t give up their secrets easily.  And she knows where the bodies are buried. The desert wind has long stopped, but the rustling continues.  A shallow susurration mixed with labored breath.  The earth shifts beneath the heels of stumbling feet.  Yet Priscilla only hears the chimes of her collar and the dirt crumbling to dust below her wheels. She watches with little care for the workings of life and death. No morbid curiosity, No soul searching, Just the anticipation of home, Which at the moment seems a long way off. Oh, and cake… she likes cake